Wait, so what happened in 2017? Hello? U der bb? 1-4-2018

Oh hey. (don’t you) Forgot about you (me). Sorry. (don’t don’t don’t doooOnn’t)

Are you confused yet? Good. It was a confusing year. Though not game writing wise.

Most of 2017 was a direct result of going to GDC:

1. At GDC I met Shah, the main person of an indie out of Malaysia called Kaigan Games. I wrote a bunch of SMS/texts for their lost-phone horror mobile game called Simulacra. It launched around Halloween in October, and it’s my favorite thing I worked on in 2017. The game is solid. Good even. FMV plus all these mobile-y things and branching too. I’d suggest playing it if you’re into horror, new media/UI as language (1/1000th of Homestuck levels, calm down), and adventure games.  Definitely a promising start for the studio’s first full game. Anyways the team itself is what I’m about. Laid back, positive, and flexible enough to really make narrative happen, and I want more of that. We’re possibly working together again in 2018, and you’ll hear about it if we do.

2. I met a Bethesda/Zenimaz recruiter at GDC and wound up contracting as an underground QA drone on Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and its DLC, The Freedom Chronicles. We shipped it. Have you ever had mandatory overtime? Anyways, QA life is not for me, but Bethesda itself seems like a great place to work for the right person who enjoys Old Bay and not communicating by human means. I got out of there as soon as I could and learned something along the way. Right?

3. I fled to the crew of the good ship Rockbite Studios, a vessel that finds itself docked in Armenia with its eye on the pearl of the F2P sea. Its initial title is Deep Town,  a combo of tappers, mining, and crafting with micro-transactions and other such F2P mainstays. They were looking to build something (then untitled) in a similar vein, but this time with a deeper commitment to story, so they brought me in as the sole writer, worldbuilder, narrative designer, and what’s-this-supposed-to-look-like answerer.

4. Oh yeah. Somewhere in the midst of all of this, I ended up signed on to be a story consultant and concept writer for an ARG. Can’t say much more than that. Maybe in the future though.

5. And i’m STILL working on that Kinetic Novel. But otherwise, I’m free and looking for my next big project, thus the portfolio update.


Simulacra collected some shiny medals in 2017 (& early 2018):

2018 Best Mobile Game Indie Prize | Casual Connect USA

2017 Best Storytelling and 2017 Best Innovation Awards | LevelUpKL  

2017 Excellence in Storytelling Award | International Mobile Game Awards Southeast Asia

Albino Lullaby won a thing too:

A 2017 Unreal Dev Grant

By the way, I believe they’re rebranding to “Alice’s Lullaby” now. Though I don’t really work with them anymore, I still think they deserve the attention for all the cool shit they’re doing, so I’m keeping them relevant. Peek of episode two dev below:


In 2017 I spoke at GameACon in Atlantic City, New Jersey on a panel about game writing as a career. The other speakers were Sande Chen and David Kuelz.  There was video taken, but I have no clue if it’ll ever surface. Atlantic City might’ve been one of the most dystopian environments I’ve ever experienced.

But then again, 2017 was Orwell’s Ghost Certified as a Classically Dystopian Year. So, you know, makes sense.