Two New Games 11- 6- 2014

Hey everyone. Been a while. I would apologize, but I owe you nothing.



Main announcements:

1. I’m writing with Ape Law on their crazy horror game, Albino Lullaby and yeah.

2. I’m the new lead writer on an RPG. But I can’t tell you anything about that. Yet.

Yup. It really felt destined that I would help write some stuff for the new horror game Albino Lullaby in October. In my research to collect good ways to break people, I was sucking down H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe (there is a new statue of him in Boston you should check out). The leaves were changing, the city was becoming amber with the glow of Halloween decorations, and I was sitting at my laptop, writing vile things for hideous monsters to spew.

On the other hand, NDA & PR and stuff. Can’t tell you much about the other project, other than that I’m excited about when I will be able to tell you about it. I’m doing tons of new stuff on this project. Stuff I might even call design or creative direction at times. But the writing part is about to begin. You’ll know soon enough.

Minor announcements:

– My IFCOMP entries were cancelled due to all kinds of things.

Boston Festival of Indie Games was a success and you can find the photos I took there pasted on the site, I think. The organizer has been a but shifty on telling me where and when they would be put up. Either way, met a good lot and played a good lot.

– I’ll be farting around the usual BPM and Boston Indies meetings this month.

– I somehow missed meeting Junot Diaz twice in the last month. I also managed to miss Z.Z. Packer at the Boston Book Festival. But I heard some poetry in Storyville (bar) at the end of the day, so I got that going for me.

– Almost two or so months ago, I had the crazy idea that I could power impress my way through to a job,  a job that disappeared off of the listings of TellTale Games’ site one day after I applied. The main piece of this thing was a deconstruction and analysis of the first episode of The Wolf Among Us. It’s now on my site for the world to do whatever with.

That’s all for now. Have a pleasant turkey day.