Seems Good Magic, Earplay, Purple Monkey, A Manuscript, Looking Glass Factory, & Old News 6-20-2016

The latest news:

1. Now writing an expansion for a fantasy digital card game (Magic-like) – Travelers of Storia. They just entered some closed alpha testing.

It’s official. I’ve officially gone from a cynical writer of fantasy to a begrudgingly enjoying the activity of writing fantasy writer. I won’t say the story is good. It’s still forming. But I have a certain fondness for it.

2. Now editing and consulting on a young adult novel manuscript. Can’t say much more than that at the moment. It’s a time travel adventure series.

3. I was honored some months or so ago to be asked to pitch series concepts and possibly do more for Earplay, Jonathon Myers’s interactive-mobile-branching-story-audio-thing. I get to work with some cool (temperature) ass names like Eddy Webb and the legendary Dave Grossman. It’s prettayy, prettaay, pretty good. (I apologize. I just started watching Curb.)

4. Some old news – Another PAX East came and went. I organized a WSIG IGDA meet-up and met many of the writers that grace our games.

5. More old news – Another Purple Monkey Game Jam came and went. Made a platformer with some friends. No link. Too lazy.

6. Looking Glass Factory, a volumetric display (holograms) company, was hanging around me for a while.  Some stuff got made, though never finished cus, well, the usual reasons creative things don’t get finished.

7. Not that old news –  A few weeks ago I volunteered at the NYC IGDA Career Fair and met a lot of interesting people. If you’ve read this far, you’ve realized that it starts with interesting things you’d like to know and ends with just kind of a record of my related activities. It’s a little bit of a journal. That’s fine. Relax. Relax. Why are you so tense?