Simulacra – Kaigan Games

Full video of game can be seen here. Simulacra is a CYOA found-phone game that mixes twenty-something romance, melodrama, and horror.

Young adult drama – Five pages – Video – Script, dialogue, and background lore.

Young adult drama – Seven pages – Video – Script, directional dialogue, puzzles, VO, and background lore.


Maze of Grain – The Ledge Foundation

Fantasy prose – Three pages from the fantasy play-by-post DnD module Maze Of Grain.


Alice’s Lullaby – Ape Law

Full video of Episode One can be seen here. Alice’s Lullaby (formerly known as Albino Lullaby) is an atmospheric monsters and horror game.

Horror enemy barks – Two pages for the monsters known as The Grandchildren in Alice’s Lullaby.


DwarfCorp – Completely Fair Games

Video sample of the game can be seen here.

Systems and narrative design sample – Three pages from DwarfCorp – a DwarfFortress-like colony building game.


Project Kingdom – Ouroboro Studios

Narrative design sample from the choice branching dark fantasy RPG Project Kingdom.