READ ME GDC 2019 3-17-2019

Hey! Welcome to my portfolio. Since I’ll be meeting plenty of interesting strangers at GDC and many with not enough time to talk about everything, I wrote this post to catch any one up on the what-why of my career.


Why are you at GDC 2019? Mostly to get jobs. Already have a few contenders, but I’m hoping I’ll find the best fit for this year. Also I want to hang out with my dev friends and meet cool people. I’m especially looking for comedy and horror game devs this year.

What kind of jobs are you looking for? Full and part time jobs as a writer and narrative designer, mostly. I’m also up for junior/mid-level production and design roles. Technically i’ve also been a creative director, voice actor director, and a few other things too.

What’s your experience like? Six years as a writer/narrative designer and three/fourish in design and production. Mostly as a remote freelancer.

Have you worked on any shipped titles? Yup.

DwarfCorp – Completely Fair Games (February 2019)

Simulacra – Sequel to Sara is Missing (SiM)  from Kaigan Games (October 2017)

Albino Lullaby – Episode 1 (2015) & (renamed to) Alice’s Lullaby – Episode 2 (Ship date TBD) from ApeLaw

Crypto? Well, well, well. That didn’t take long, now did it? I mean, sure. I guess. If I have to.

Okay. You have a lot of experience. Why do you need to look for a job? Good question. The hiring of game writers (and many other kinds of devs) is fairly cyclical. We pick up jobs around this time of year and then, around October, either our contract is over or we are possibly part of a mass lay-off (which tend to occur from October to February). Then the cycle starts again. I tend to be the contract-is-over person, since I usually work with indies, but I’m open to working with larger studios if there’s a good fit.

But your resume says you’re currently working on some projects? I am. They’re some freelance gigs to make ends meet.  Most of them have flexible deadlines, and I could very easily take on more part time work, though I’d much rather put them on hold for a full time job. Ultimately I am seeking a full time job, because it allows me to put my everything into a project. But don’t let that stop you from talking to me about your cool part time thing – if it’s really cool.

What are you currently working on? Mainly a new TTRPG that’s not been announced yet, so that’s about as much as I can say. But I can tell you it’s about gods and being produced by The Ledge Foundation.

I’m interested in hiring you, but I’ve never hired a writer before, and that’s making me feel weird. There are some online resources out there for this discomfort you’re feeling, but you’re also welcome to contact me with your concern. I’ve been many people’s first writer, so I probably have an answer to your question.

What’s your favorite game story? I can’t really choose, cus I like game stories too much. But it’s Earthbound.

What’s your philosophy around game narrative and design? You should contact me for a discussion this deep. To keep it short, i’m not usually interested in prescriptive creation and would much rather create something I don’t fully understand.

I have different/more questions not having to do with any of this/I want to be your friend/hang out/ etc.
Cool. Then contact me. If you’re still at GDC and hoping to meet, get at me via Twitter. I won’t be checking my e-mail.