Purple Monkey Game Jam, Megagame & BFIG 6-6-2015

First, some semi-playable scraps to throw up on the site:

1. MARCH: Entered the 2015 Purple Monkey Game Jam with my friend and fellow collaborator at Ouroboro, Justice McDaniel/@treeseatjustice, a music man. Unexpectedly ran into Jarien, a local art friend, and he helped too, along with some new friends. What happened is we half made a co-op game about roaches in the apocalypse. You can play, kind of, here.

I wrote a weird story for this thing. No one will ever see it again.

2. MAY: I applied to a writing job at Scopely in May. They had a writing test that made you make your own little playable, branching, RPG script/game. It’s my first work on Inkle, and I don’t think it’s my best work, but it does feature a character named Mr. Wow. You can play that here.

Just imagine the stuff in brackets was where the actual RPG fighting happened. They also had a character portrait dialogue system, which is while you’ll see character names in brackets next to random words. These titles they asked me to make up for five emotions that each character would have there portrait show along with their dialogue.

Actual news:
MEGAGAME: I was a Game Weaver (Game Control) this last May for Megagame United‘s first megagame ever. If you don’t know what a megagame is it’s a massive (unpredictable mess) tabletop experience combined with a role playing element. It’s hard to explain, so initiate yourself the way most people do. It’s a fun watch.

Future collaboration might be happening with  Megagame United as I have an idea for a time travel game. But, like all my projects, the idea is alleged, and no one is there to vouch for the infamous yet unseen assailant that drove the knife in on the night of the fifteenth. As always I plead the fifth and cannot speak your native tongue. My lawyers claim insanity. Sometimes, when I write stuff like this, I’m afraid I sound derivative of Warren Ellis. Beats me.

BFIG: Last year I volunteered as a roaming photo guy for Boston Festival of Indie Games. They used none of my photos. This year i’m a BFIG Curator. Means I pick which games get to show at BFIG.

BCR: I’ve recently gotten back into contact with the Boston Comics Roundtable, a local thing that sounds like what it is. No huge news, just, comics, and, i’m excited to be comicing or near the comicing. I’ve missed working on things that aren’t so chopped up (games are chopped up), and am looking to go back to my comic love. And also maybe some lit mags. We’ll see.

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