Kaigan Games – Simulacra – Script – 2017

The following is a sample of my writing from Simulacra. Since it’s a found phone game, these conversations are in a text message format. Each character’s voice has their own particular mix of misspelling, grammar usage, response time (which is notated for implementation), and so on. The conversations also tend to meander from slice of life to plot heavy, trying to simulate the realistic patterns of texting as much as possible. Character names were shortened to initials for ease of reading. These texts are all available to the player at the same time and can be read in any order.

Its main purpose was to introduce Greg, Anna, their breakup, and Anna’s best friend, Ashley. A good deal of these ended up cut from the final game, so if you’re reading this, it’s as much a writing sample as it is a peek at the game’s early days.