DwarfCorp – Narrative, Design, & Project Management (March-December 2018)


Fantasy | Single-Player | 3D | Resource Management Sim | PC | Released 2019

Official Website  | Git page | Discord | Steam | Itch.io


DwarfCorp is Dwarf Fortress meets Minecraft meets Dungeon Keeper. Lead a colony of capitalist Dwarves to profit and conquest. It features mining and resource management, building, magical research, farming, and combat. And it’s completely open source!


After seven years in development I was brought on to the small team to tie up loose ends and lead the studio in shipping the game. Ending years in Early Access, we successfully released the full game in February 2019.

  • Design – Collaborated and finalized design vision, wrote GDDs, and finalized those into a set feature list for shipping. Concepted or revised design on pretty much everything: magic, pathing, crafting, task manager, hunting, UI, AI, digging, accessibility features, and general systems design.

  • Narrative – Designed narrative system based off of resource management systems and diplomacy system, helped implement Yarn, and concepted intro stories. You can read a narrative design document from the project here.
  • Production/Project Management – Scheduled and ran sprints, set release date, burn rate tracking through github, and secured an advertising partnership with MassDigi
  • QA – Logged 318 bugs, regressed 500+ bugs, tracked performance profiling and testing which lead to the project being playable on low and mid-spec machines (instead of just high spec machines), design test scripts for dev and shipping, soak tests, and debugging
  • Community Management – Moderated bug and feedback forums on Steam, Discord, and Github