Alice’s Lullaby (AKA Albino Lullaby) – Contributing Writer & Story Consultant (September 2014 – March 2016)

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VR Headsets | PC | Horror Adventure | Extremely Purple & Green | Released 2015

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Alice’s Lullaby (AKA Albino Lullaby) is a horror adventure game that doesn’t rely on jump scares or gore. Escape a surreal, psychological nightmare set in a dark and macabre Victorian town that clings to the precipices of underground cliffs.


In 2015 I wrote barks and consulted on story for Episode One of Alice’s Lullaby, an Oculus launch title. Episode One shipped in September 2015. AL is lovingly developed by many ex-AAA Bostonites – mostly from the now defunct Irrational Games, the studio that produced BioShock.

In 2016 I consulted on story and wrote barks (For Jim Sterling!) for Episode Two – release date TBD.

Barks are one of the largest portions of dialogue and voice acting in the game.  The bark system design is robust, and this remains one of the reasons the game retains fans. Some even go on to investigate how deep the feature goes.



2017 Unreal Dev Grant | Epic Game / Unreal Engine

2014 Epic Epic Award: Narrative and World Building | The Boston Festival of Indie Games


Rather than being pure terror, or adrenaline-pumping tension, Albino Lullaby is packed with odd little jokes alongside unnerving suggestions and grotesque realisations. The world is confusing – having elements of Victorian gothic and steampunk alongside its abattoir parlours – but there’s a thread of internal logic running through.

I felt as if I was feeling around the edge of understanding and was almost certain that making sense of events would be devastating. I want to know how the story ends because it’s fascinating, but there are horrors hiding between the lines.ROCKPAPERSHOTGUN

The best toilet in gaming history. (If that’s not a quote on their Steam page, I’ll be distraught.)   – Also ROCKPAPERSHOTGUN for some reason.

While this is billed as a horror game, it never feels truly horrific. Instead, it leans more towards absurd and creepy. The voice-acting for The Grandchildren is so well done that it makes you forget they are just big dumb thumb-looking characters, as they talk about you as you creep by them. The whole thing is very cult-like and harkens back to such classics as Children of the Corn or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre without ever getting a single drop of blood on screen. Either way, the story left me wanting to explore more of this weird universe regardless of being scared.DESTRUCTOID

How do you create a successful horror game without relying on jump scares, tons of gore, or most of the usual tropes associated with the genre? You make a world that is decidedly off kilter, confusing and strangely awful. That’s what Ape Law did with Albino Lullaby, and it worked. – POLYGON