A Maze Of Grain-The Ledge Foundation (December 2016-August 2017)

The Ledge Foundation¬† is a commercially run DnD campaign where players across the world participate through D20, Skype, and Discord. One of the services Ledge offers is interactive “solo campaigns”: roleplaying for each player’s character. A writer/designer starts a designed story, the player responds, and the writer makes the story react to the player’s choice – a play-by-post branching narrative. These are ultimately designed to hook back into their player group’s main campaign storyline, but sometimes meandered into their own thing. Below are some excerpts of a few I wrote.

For the sake of clarity for any employers reading this, my words are left as usual and the player responses are bold.

For context, I took over Rip’s story while it was already in progress. Rip is quite a developed character going mad by ruins fused to their body, such as the Eye and Hand referenced in the writing. They mainly speak in telepathic void, turning more and more withdrawn.