Unannounced TTRPG & A Maze of Grain – Writer, Editor, and Designer (January-October 2019 & December 2016-August 2017)

TTRPG | TCG | High Fantasy | Eldritch Horror | AI | PC | In Development


(January-October 2019) Just recently wrapped up writing gods and creation myths for an original new table top game produced by the Ledge Foundation. It combines elements of role playing and strategic trading card games.

  • Research:¬†Extensive primary source research into ancient civilizations around the world, with an emphasis on mythologies and spirtuality in ancient Egypt, Sumeria, Greece, China, Gnostic Europe, and India and its surrounding Hindu practicing regions.
  • Writing: Wrote about 30 new gods in seven different pantheons, creation myths, lore, frame stories, character bios, and ability descriptions influenced¬† by ancient god research and original concepts. Wove these gods together into an eclectic world, where all characters are connected to one another.


Project currently on hiatus for internal restructuring.

(2016-2017) The Ledge Foundation’s A Maze of Grain is a commercially run DnD campaign where players across the world participate through D20, Skype, and Discord. One of the services Ledge offers is interactive “solo campaigns”: roleplaying for each player’s character. A writer/designer starts a designed story, the player responds, and the writer makes the story react to the player’s choice – a play-by-post branching narrative. These are ultimately designed to hook back into the player group’s main campaign storyline, but sometimes meander into their own thing.