Project Kingdom – Ouroboro Studios – Narrative Design (September 2014 – September 2015)

The below images are from the first phase of Project Kingdom’s narrative design. These designs reflect conception and revision of many ambitious concepts from the start of the game’s development, some of which survived to the final design (not pictured) and some of which left.

Design Goals
  •  In this RPG, each race (it’s a fantasy, so elves, dwarves, etc.) will have four playable classes the player can choose from at the start of their game.
  •  Each class will have an individual branching story line.
  •  The player’s first class story will end, and then transition to a second class story, inserting the first class character in place of the second class character.
  •  The choices in the first class story will determine which second class story you get transitioned to.
  •  Choices will affect both the far and near future of stories.
  •  Choices will affect both external conditions and internal/psychological conditions