Ouroboro Update, Lonely Wizard, Ape Law, & A Project I Can’t Say Too Much About 12-14-15

I wonder who reads these. My parents? Recruiters? My friends? I’ve never bothered to look at any stats or anything for the site. I can feel my enthusiasm for the idea, even now, wilting like the neglected bouquet your mother keeps on the table next to the window where the curtain is always drawn. Yup. It’s gone now.

1. Ouroboro put production on hiatus. Due to some unfortunate events to the main programmer and funding difficulties, the majority of Ouroboro is on hiatus until further notice. Hopefully the project (and the beloved programmer) will recover soon.

2. With Ouroboro on pause, I’ve been taking on new clients. Please welcome Lonely Wizard Studios. Fantasy. RPG. MoCap studio. I have a good feeling about them. They’re all extremely stable for some reason. And some of them live in Detroit.

3. Ape Law released Albino Lullaby: Episode One and are now moving on to Episode Two. By some chance, I’m writing dialogue for the Jim Sterling to say. I don’t know how to put that on my resume without devoting a full page to 30 sized bold font that says JIM FUCKING STERLING SON. So it’ll probably be some mind numbing plain words instead. And not drop the name.

4. I’ve also taken on another new project. It’s in its baby stages. I can’t really say anything about it yet, other than that the narrative side will be completely from scratch from me. That’s a very good thing. For me. For you, it could be extremely dangerous to your well being. It is a horror game. A smart one.

5. Two personal projects are in the works. One is a game. One is a comic. Nothing more can be said at this time. Please pull up to the second window please.