GGJ, Bion Studios, A Secret Project, & The Future 3-4-2016

I’m updating this because it’s been a good while. Strictly record keeping.

1. I participated in the 2016 MIT Global Game Jam. My team more or less gave up hope very quickly and just kind of screwed around with Twine. This is the result.

2. I’m now the writer for a new VR Horror experience called¬†Childhood.¬†It’s for a new VR studio called Bion Studios which has just come under some new funding. Because of that no website link as they’re giving it a make over. All things in time.

3. A secret project has taken a few strides forward in the design stages. All that needs to be said for this time.

4. People are starting to take more interest in my production duties, so I’m going to update stuff on this site to reflect at least some of my experiences in that role. Yup.

5. There is no more.