David has six years experience as a game writer, designer, and producer. He currently works on a kinetic novel from an uannounced studio and a tabletop RPG from an unanncounced studio. In 2018 he did design, production, and QA for DwarfCorp, a mix between Minecraft, Dungeon Keeper, and DwarfCorp, which will be shipping in early 2019. In 2017 he helped write and edit a lost phone game called Simulacra, which won the Best Mobile Game Indie Prize at Casual Connect 2018. Before that his career was filled with games of many flavors, of which you can learn some about on this very website.

David has some degrees and such. He has one from Florida State University for writing, but he’s also got about seven years of Theatre training from Dreyfoos School of the Arts. He knows a thing or two about drama, okay? He’s written various kinds of freelance things for about eight years and learned most of his game design knowledge through the indie world, the Boston scene being the bedrock from which his knowledge is built upon.

David does a lot of things. Things he’s done: Voice acting direction, production scheduling, Kanban, Trello, story consultation, writing barks, writing scripts, worldbuilding, storytelling, game design, game design, game design (but call it narrative design this time), and yeah, you get the picture. If it’s writing or design or production or anything in between those, he’s probably done it a bit at the least. He’s been called: Creative Director, Lead Writer, Story Consultant, Production, Contributing Writer, Narrative Designer, Game Designer, and probably some other things too.

To see David’s current and past projects, awards, and skills, visit the CV page. To not see it, do something else entirely.